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Dear Members,

New Year has finally come to us and everybody is now spending the HAPPY TIME with the family members and friends while setting up the fresh plans for the coming New Year 2011.

On this specific occasion, I should like to express my hearty thanks and appreciation to all of you who have made the huge contributions to the intensification and growth of ITF during the whole periods of last year 2010.

My particular congratulations go to the Grand Masters, Senior Masters, Masters, Instructors and the NGB leaders who have rendered the unwavering supports to the last words and will of late Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the Father of all Taekwon-Do Family.

My deep thanks go as well to the Dignitaries and Figures across the world who have shown their trusts in us and even given the mammoth helps and assistances to make ITF stronger and more dynamic.

I am proudly able to say to all of you that you deserve to be blessed by your Father Gen. Choi Hong Hi at this moment as you have never taken the other path and track against the testament of your Father till now.

We, of course, had to go through the bitter experiences last year too without regard to our intentions for some peoples in ITF had attempted to destroy the unity and cohesion of ITF and establish their own group away from us which was exclusively contrary to the last will of late Gen. Choi Hong Hi and it had thus resulted in producing the unpredicted disappointment and frustration among us.

However, it is tiny matter comparing to the achievements made by us last year 2010 and we, rather, have more promising and bright future ahead of us.

The great success achieved by us in the last year was that we had built the strong channel between ITF and Sport Accord by submitting the necessary files to the Sport Accord for its admission and have been working on it under the close contact with the right person dealing with this issue in the Sport Accord.

Besides this, there were a lot of achievements to have us proud and happy including the Special Seminar first ever held in Renmin University of China last April in keeping with its mission and purpose.

Needless to say, ITF fully demonstrated its existence as the International Federation through its 20th Congress and the 9th Junior & 4th Veteran Taekwon-Do World Championship held in Minsk, Belarus from 22nd to 29th Aug. 2010.

All the progresses made by ITF last year are entirely attributed to the efforts and dedications poured by our members and we will never forget it.

We are facing a plenty of harder works to do in the New Year 2011, however, we must to the end implement those tasks and assignments by all means for the sake of the ITF members.

If we intentionally or unintentionally try to avoid those hard works and attempt to take an easier way, nobody can see any progress or evolution in the future activities of ITF and we would eventually go into the desperation and despair in a short time.

Whether we move forward or not is exclusively dependant on us and we should work together to bring the better outcomes to ITF.

First of all, we must focus our energies and might on the successful hosting of the 17th Taekwon-Do World Championship scheduled in Pyongyang, DPR Korea, the Motherland of Taekwon-Do, in the coming September.

As well known to the world, the World Championship is the greatest festival in ITF and, therefore, supporting this event and demonstrating ITF through this festival is regarded No. 1 concern of all of us.

Let me kindly request the ITF members through this page to do your utmost for the success of the forthcoming festival by sending your competitors and team to this Championship and it would also be of an ideal opportunity for yourselves to pay your respects and salute directly to late Gen. Choi Hong Hi by paying the personal visit to his TOMB situated in Pyongyang with his family members including his Widow Mrs. Choi Chun Hi.

In order to make us professional and skilled, the roles of the ITF Leadership Members including the Grand Masters, High-Dan Holders and NGB Presidents are considered most crucial and decisive.

It is my desire & will to work harder with the ITF Leadership Members for the betterment of ITF in the New Year and I wish to promise, herewith, I myself would serve well ITF for the benefits of all ITF members.

My prime concern in the New Year is to get ITF admitted by the Sport Accord and, consequently, bring ITF to the Sports World as the recognized International Federation.

I will do my best for making this dream come true and establish the great atmosphere and environment to settle the Taekwon-Do issue down sooner in the Sport areas like IOC.

As I have highlighted on the several occasions, I can do nothing without the supports and collaborations of our members and have nobody to trust and rely on other than our members.

I am always ready to hear any comments and advices on my job from you all and look forward to giving me more supports and valuable opinions to do my job well and properly in the New Year.

In conclusion, I sincerely wish all ITF members every success and the best of good luck in your life and works in the New Year!

Thank you.

Prof. Dr. Chang Ung
ITF President
IOC Member

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